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Finding a Quality Funeral and Cremation Provider in Lowell, MA

Since 1974, Dolan Funeral Home’s purpose is to serve a community that is comprised of diverse religions, beliefs, and philosophies, all of which must be respected. We offer live video streaming for wakes and funerals that can be available to the public or by invitation only to create a virtual visitation or funeral service at no additional cost. Contact us at 978-251-4041 or visit us at 106 Middlesex St, North Chelmsford, MA 01863.


When the death of a family member occurs, many individuals are unsure how to proceed. They know they need help right away, but who should they call? And who can they trust to care for their fallen loved one? If no pre-arrangements were made, these decisions could be difficult to make when the need arises. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively locate a quality funeral and cremation service provider in Lowell, MA.

A lot of the details that go into planning depend on what the deceased and family prefer. Family customs, beliefs, and traditions can all help inform you about the funeral services you need. With these things in mind, you can begin looking for a funeral care provider that will be well-suited to the task. Here are several points of consideration to review during your search for help:

Experience: All service providers are required to meet a threshold of competence in their practice. Professional schooling in mortuary science and extensive training on the job is required to be licensed as a mortician and funeral professional. However, beyond these basics, every individual will have different niche expertise and abilities in their practice. Some will specialize in certain cultural or religious funeral care services. Some may have more experience with cremations or other alternative means of caring for the deceased. Be sure to evaluate your own unique needs and find a care provider with the expertise to match them.

Service: Not all funeral and cremation providers in Lowell, MA will provide the exact same service, nor will they deliver them to the same level of care or expertise. They will be able to competently meet the need, but perhaps not in the manner you would have preferred. Be sure to find out the services that a funeral service business can provide. If in-house cremation care is important to you, ask whether the funeral home has the facilities to handle such. You should also ask what is included in a full-service funeral and compare that to what other providers would include.

Prices: The law requires that all funeral service providers must publish a general price list of goods and services offered. As a consumer, you can request to see pricing. This can aid you in your search for a fair price for the assistance needed. Use this information to compare service pricing and options against other area providers.

Personalization: There are a handful of significant milestones throughout our life journey. Birth, graduation, marriage, and death are among these important moments. In almost all cases, every critical moment is highly personalized to the person involved. However, for many decades, death was not one of them. More and more families seek to personalize the funeral experience to reflect the life and character of their fallen loved ones.

Rather than a generic service that is conducted with little variation, a personalized funeral helps all in attendance to feel present in the moment. Some choose to hold a celebration of life, others an ash scattering ceremony. Personalization helps all who knew and loved the deceased person to more fully find meaning in their life, closure in their death and healing to move forward. Ask the funeral team how they handle the personalization of services.

Merchandise: Funeral homes will generally sell supporting products needed in their work. Things like caskets, urns, memorials, keepsake jewelry, burial vaults for direct burial and traditional burial, and headstones can all be purchased through the funeral home. Take a moment to walk through the display area for these products. Do they carry inventory that you would like to purchase? If not, you can always buy from an outside vendor and bring it to the home for use in the services that you are obtaining.

Facilities and Venue: For those families that will be holding services at the funeral home for their deceased, be sure to walk through the building to make certain it is adequate. Check into the chapel hall. Is it tastefully furnished and decorated? Is there an option for adjustment to any desired imagery, symbols, and art? Is there enough seating? Next, check whether there is any audio-video support. Can the funeral be webcast for those who are not able to attend personally? You may also wish to review kitchen and banquet serving areas for family luncheon or refreshments. Finally, double-check that parking is sufficient, and that the location is reasonable for the community and family to attend.

Expert Funeral and Cremation Care in Lowell, MA

Dolan Funeral Home is a full-service firm providing compassionate support to our community. If you’ve lost someone you love, visit our funeral home at 106 Middlesex St North Chelmsford, MA 01863. A caring and dedicated funeral professional will be there to speak to you about your needs and how we can help. Call us at (978) 251-1101 for a conversation about funeral and cremation service options in Lowell, MA.

Funeral & Cremation

What is a traditional funeral service?

This type of funeral, also referred to as a “traditional” funeral, typically involves sighting or visitation and formal funeral service, use of a hearse to move the body to the funeral site and graveyard, and burial, burial, or cremation of the remains. Learn More.

How much does a hearse cost?

The typical fee for a hearse or funeral coach is $300. Limousines, service cars, and flower cars all differ in size and cost. The average vehicle fee is $300. Learn More.

What does a cremation cost with services?

The estimated cost of cremation for services done by a funeral home is between $2,000 and $4,000. If these same facilities are handled directly by the crematorium, you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000. Learn More.

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