Caskets & Alternative Containers

Our showroom has a wide assortment of wood and metal caskets for you to view in person. We also have several casket catalogs for you to view. It is permissible for the family to make a container, provided it is delivered to the funeral home, and a waiver of liability is signed.

Air Tray

The air tray is used in air travel to support the casket.


We offer an extensive selection of cremation urns and keepsake urns that have been lovingly crafted to hold the ashes of your loved one and give you some small sense of peace in your time of grief.


Burial vaults and grave liners are used to support the soil around the casket and ensure that the soil above and around the casket will not collapse, which ultimately serves to minimize cemetery maintenance and keep the cemetery grounds looking nice.

Basic Features of Burial Vaults and Grave Liners

Both burial vaults and grave liners are outer containers that contain a casket if it is buried in the ground. A burial vault completely encloses the casket, and functions almost like a casket for the casket. A grave liner only covers the top and sides of the coffin and allows the bottom of it to be in contact with the earth.

Burial Vault Materials

Burial vaults and grave liners are often made of concrete and lined with plastic or metal, though they are also available in steel, bronze, and copper.


You can order a dove here with your loved one’s name, the year of their birth, and the year of their death.


We offer memorial jewelry made from sterling silver, glass, wood, and 14K gold. Choose from our section of cremation jewelry or memorial pendants. Each memorial pendant is custom-made using your favorite photos.

Other Merchandise

Dolan Funeral Home also offers the following merchandise for sale to present at the memorial or burial service.

Personalization Catalog (Click Here)

Register Book

The register book is a keepsake for the family that provides the names of the people who came to share their memories and offer their condolences.

Acknowledgment Cards (per box of 50)

The acknowledgment cards provide the family with a way to express their gratitude to the people who have assisted them in some way.

Prayer Cards (per 100)

Preview Sample Prayers or Poems Click Here
View Pictures on Back of Prayer Card Click Here
The prayer cards serve as a remembrance of a loved one featuring a picture, a prayer, or a verse.


The cross or the crucifix is a statement of faith.


Many families choose to bring their loved one’s own clothing. However, the funeral home does have a variety of clothing styles available to purchase.

Cremation Urns

Cremation urns come in a variety of shapes and are made in a variety of materials. We have a large selection on hand and will work with you to find the “perfect” one.