Different Types of Cemetery Plots

Whether you’re planning a traditional burial or are planning on being cremated, there are a variety of options for you in cemetery plots.

  1. Single plots. This is a burial plot in a cemetery for one person.
  2. Companion plots. These burial plots are ideal for couples. Typically sold together, companion plots are two burial plots sold side-by-side, or as one plot with the caskets buried on top of each other (known as double depth plots). In terms of cost, double plots often offer more economical benefits because these types only require one outer burial container as opposed to two.
  3. Family plots. Family plots are multiple plots purchased together for use by an extended family. These can be in a row or in any configuration that makes sense. Often marked by a single headstone engraved with the family name with small headstones or footstones marking the individuals in the family, family plots are the most affordable type of cemetery plots.
  4. Cremation plots. These plots are designed for cremated remains. Taking up considerably less space, cremation plots allow for multiple urns in one plot. Some cemeteries have an urn garden, which is a designated space for urns. Some of these urn gardens are elaborate affairs, with the option of having your urn incorporated into rocks, benches, or fountains.

Generally speaking, the more plots you buy, the more economical the cost. Companion plots and family plots are the most popular as most people want to have their remains resting eternally next to loved ones. Cremation plots are less expensive as well due to the less space an urn takes up.

Dolan Funeral Home in Chelmsford, MA, is passionate about helping grieving loved ones through the funeral planning process. Buying a funeral plot ahead of time has many advantages, and Dolan Funeral Home can help. Contact us today for all of your funeral home needs!


Death is an unpleasant talking point for many. We don’t want to think about what happens to us after death. Yet one of the best things you can do for those whom you leave behind is preplan. From penning your will, expressing your final wishes, and picking out a tombstone, the tasks to do before you die can seem overwhelming.

Dolan Funeral Home in Chelmsford, MA, and serving all of the surrounding townships, including Lowell and Southern New Hampshire, Tyngsboro, Westford, Dunstable, Dracut, Lowell, MA, and Hudson, NH, offers pre-arrangement services to help you with all the tasks as you approach the end of life process. We are here to help answer questions you may have, offer guidance on service arrangements and casket selection as well as cemetery selection. In this blog post, Dolan Funeral Home will offer guidance on how to purchase a cemetery plot.

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