Why Cater a Memorial Service?

There is a scientific reason why food is called comforting. There is a psychological component to eating that makes us feel good. Food cravings occur because our body is lacking some food component in our diet and telling us to go and find it. It’s our body trying to restore homeostasis, or balance, to all its systems. For example, chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine (PEA), which is the exact same chemical our brain creates when we are feeling the emotion of romantic love.

A funeral reception is the opportunity for those who knew the deceased to gather together, pay their respects and support one another as they share happy memories of the deceased. Having a funeral reception catered has many benefits:

  • Relieves stress. Hiring a caterer for the funeral memorial service takes one more thing off the grieving family’s plate (pun intended). They prepare the funeral food, serve the food, and clean up after the food, which allows the family to focus on the guests in attendance, many of whom they probably haven’t seen in a while.
  • Advice on funeral food choices and budget planning. A funeral service caterer likely has served food at many funerals and can advise you as to what’s best. In the end, the funeral food you choose to serve at the memorial service is a personal choice. Don’t feel pressure to go all out and keep it simple; finger foods is fine.
  • Provides funeral food for all those who may be in attendance. Caterers are able to prepare healthy, great-tasting foods for all those in attendance, including children and those with special diets, such as vegetarians. Also, caterers can prepare funeral food for religious needs as well. And don’t forget the drinks. Water, coffee, tea, and lemonade are universally beloved by all.

Dolan Funeral Home, which serves the Chelmsford, MA, area, including communities such as Lowell, Westford, and Hudson, NH, works with preferred caterers to suit your funeral buffet catering needs. Their catering menu for memorial service is linked on our website. However, you may work with any caterer of your choice, or do-it-yourself. Dolan’s Funeral Home is committed to making the celebration of life for loved ones as easy as possible by helping with your catering needs. We’ll be more than happy to help you arrange a caterer or choose funeral food options. Contact us today about all of our funeral services!

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